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As you all may know, I'm pretty hooked on the flash fiction challenges you all host!  I love them!  Its such a fun way to pull out of writing/editing/revising your WIP's and stray down another wordy path.  I love it!   

So, for fun, I think I'll host my own!  *squeeeeeee*

Every Friday from now on, I will host FLASH FACTORY FRIDAY!  #FlashFactory

Woohoo, right!?  I know!  *And I came up with the title all on my own!  I'm craayzzayyyyy like that. ;-)

I'm just so excited to give my fellow flash fiction addicts one more little exercise to flex their writing muscles! *cracks knuckles* 

Each week, you will be given THREE WORDS as a prompt.  You must have no LESS than 50 and no MORE than 350 words in your fiction piece.  EACH of the three words MUST be in your fiction piece, but do NOT have to be used in any order (unless otherwise specified).  

For this first week, I WILL BE THE JUDGE (woohoo!), but after that, the winner of each challenge will get to judge the competition for the next challenge.  (This means, obviously, that they won't get to enter that next week).  The winner will ALSO get to pick the three words for the next week!  FUN!

Um, your prize is the gift of knowing how awesome you are!!!  lol!  But I'm serious.  Bragging rights.  Good old fashioned bragging rights. 
Note: There are no monetary rewards because  like many of you, I am just a starving artist.  heehee

You will have 24 hours to post your entries, starting when I post the challenge! 

To review:
  • Every Friday
  • 3 word prompt
  • 350 word limit
  • 24 hours

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