Friday, April 20, 2012

#FridayPictureShow WEEK 24 - Contest Entry

Hi All!  HAPPY Friday! 

Today I participated in another little picture contest - you know I can't resist those picture prompts!  I'm such a visual person.  Its very fitting because this weekend we're going on a ghost tour - one of my favorite things!  I'm super excited about it. 

The contest, #FridayPictureShow, is held over at Jen DeSantis' WEBSITE.

You have to write a piece that is EXACTLY 100 words.  *Um, let me just tell you, that is a difficult task! 

Here's the picture:

And here is my take on it:

The familiar whistle sounds down the track. Finally.  Her favorite time of year.   The circus will magically appear overnight.  The air will fill with the unique sounds and scents that only a circus can create. 

When the crowd settles inside the tent, Lily will creep into her favorite place – the train car with sequins and costumes, makeup and jewels.  The perfect place for a performer. 

She’ll stand before the toy piano, and imagine herself one of them. 

No one will see the little girl playing. 

But for just a moment, if the wind is right, they’ll hear her phantom song. 

Thanks for this great picture prompt, Jen!  I had fun!

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  1. Love it! Also, holy crap, no way I'm even going to attempt to write something that is exactly 100 words, so I admire you for doing it so well!