Friday, April 27, 2012

#FridayPictureShow WEEK 25 - Contest Entry

HAPPY Friday!

Today I participated in another little picture contest - you know I can't resist those picture prompts!  I'm such a visual person.  Its very fitting because this weekend we're going on a ghost tour - one of my favorite things!  I'm super excited about it.

The contest, #FridayPictureShow, is held over at Jen DeSantis' WEBSITE.

You have to write a piece that is EXACTLY 100 words, to go with a picture prompt.

Here's the picture:

And here's my piece:

Dark eggplant bruises cover his body.  He winces as he tries to move, readjust. His shoulders slump over.  His hands, like hers, are tied behind the tree by twine.  It scratches when he tries to wriggle his wrists free of the binding.  His back aches from his hunched position.  He wonders how long they’ve been here, how long they’ve been in this nightmare. 
Broken and bruised, he is far from defeated.  Looking up at her now, he’s surprised to see a twinkle of hope in her crystal blue eyes.  
She knows he will save them both.  
And so he will.

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