Saturday, April 14, 2012

PITY PARTY for ONE, your table is ready!

I had a huge pity party yesterday. I didn't invite anyone, so please don't be offended. The food wasn't that great and there was no band, no disco ball. There wasn't even any booze. *gasp!*

I am SO BEYOND EMBARRASSED about my query letter.

I posted it before, thinking, 'eh, why not?' Then, I posted it again yesterday, trying to participate in our little makeshift query critique group.

In reading all of your queries, I grew more and more embarrassed about mine. Seriously, yours are all so good! Mine is about three pages too long, though I have NO idea how it happened. At one point, I had it down to 250 like a good little query writer. I seriously spiraled out of control, and I blame it on reserach. Turns out, there IS such a thing as TOO MUCH RESERACH. Who knew!?

Anyway, I made myself crazy over this stupid thing, and now you've all seen the truth. THAT is embarrassing.

Ugh. That's all. Just getting it off my chest. I am SO disappointed that I queried before I was ready. Agents must have me pinned up on a wall of Query Suicide Examples.

Putting my baby on the shelf is a hard and bitter pill to swallow.


The good news? I'm truly excited to be making so many connections with all of you. Janet's (AND Liz's!) Pay It Forward contest has brought a lot of us together, and for that I am thankful.


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  1. You know what? No!

    I did the same thing! And then, when I had finally nailed my query (beating the query shark), I sent it out again.

    And an agent who hadn't even responded to my first query requested a FULL, minutes after I sent him the new one! A Mr. Nick Ellison.

    Of course, he ultimately said no, but that's because my beginning sucked - something I've also changed in the meantime.

    But see? You may have sent the bad version all over the place, but there's nothing stopping you sending the good version out to the same people!

    The first draft may not have even gotten past the assistant. The good draft might. Do not give up on it! Agents see so many queries, I doubt they remember them all (sad that we're not more memorable haha, but it's sheer volume).

    So whip it's little query ass and send it out to do your bidding like a winged monkey! Fly my pretty fly! Get me an agent!