Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do you know about the SUPER-REVIEWERS?

You don't? Well let's change that immediately! 

Since Jalisa came up with both the concept and the super cool name, I will allow her to explain: 

So, what the hell are the Super Reviewers?
Good question. :) It’s something I made up.
I was thinking about the Justice League (because I was thinking about how I was finally getting back into reading comics) and I was thinking about reviewing books (and how I so wanted to be a part of a review team–what? I like people) and I thought: I can make my own. So I did.
I still don’t have have all of the details ironed out. It’s still an idea that coming together more as we take into consideration what works for us, but at least I know:
  • Seven of us will review the same book
  • We’ll make a concise judgment (yay/nay) in no more than a paragraph
  • Each book will be chosen by a member once or twice a month (depending on the
  • time/availability of the members that month).
  • And each book will be chosen for a specific, noted reason, whether it be a gut instinct that it will be a good read or a good reading experience with the author before.
  • Then, we’ll all post the super review (which will consist of all seven reviews)  to our dedicated blog. Ta-da!
So, that’s it, basically. We’ll have our first review up by next week, if everything falls into place. But you’ll know that, because I will, in no uncertain terms, alert everyone on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, we have one:!/SuperReviewers
And a blog. And a Facebook.
We’re here to save your day. One book at a time.


  • Holly Kench (@StuffedO) My awesomeness intimidates some people, others just point and laugh.
  • Pip Foweraker (@PipFoweraker) Full-time Consultant and Gentleman. Part-time Wizard and Writer. Sydney, Australia.
  • Jessa Russo-Stadtler (@JessaRusso) I write what I love – paranormal YA. My heart still belongs to Jake Ryan. And I’m pretty sure I’m still 16 years old. Just don’t tell my husband. Southern CA.
  • Ray (@iwrites) I drive a truck, I want to be a writer. I take pictures, I want to be a writer. I read, but I want to be a writer. Did I mention I like writing?
  • Anthony Angeline (@unfoldingmyth) Writer and observer. I’m searching for something but won’t know what it is until I’ve found it. I have a dog too. Washington.
  • Nanette Pitts (@nanettepitts) I am passionate about writing. Slightly obsessed with reading. Grateful to be a wife & mother! Friend to many. I’m honest. I live my life the best I can.

We will have our first set of reviews up this week. 
(((BLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig))) 

Please stay tuned! 


  1. Love it, Jessa! So excited for our very first super review! Now, if only I could get *my* word count down! Gonna need a Holly Special.

  2. How cool! I love that I know some one in the super reviewer squad. Obviously, if you ever want to review anything from CQ, you get many happiness points.