Monday, June 11, 2012

Menage Monday Challenge #35 - Contest Entry

Here's my entry for this week's #MenageMonday Challenge over at Cara Micheals' DEFIANTLY LITERATE blog.

Entries must be no less than 100 words, and no more than 200 words.  You must use all of the prompts together.

The word prompt/phrase:  "a family affair"  

 The picture prompt: 

The judge's additional prompt: "a fight to the death" 

“Oh hell no. I’m not peeing anywhere on a road that has the word bloody in the title. No way.”

“Oh Ava, relax! It’s just a name. What do you think could possibly happen?”

“Ha. Famous last words from just about, like, every horror film ever. What’s next, Shell? You gonna tell me to run UP the stairs?”

“Oh geez, you’re silly, you know that? I’m stopping. I have to pee too, and if we don’t find food soon it’s going to be a fight to the death over that last bag of M&M’s.”

“Yeah,” Ava grumbles, “Like I really want to buy food from some toothless serial killer off of Bloody Basin Road.” A shiver runs down her spine. 

Michelle just rolls her eyes.  “Look!  A mini mart! See?”


Toothless Joe behind the counter is just as Ava had pictured him. His crazy-eyed wife, however, she’s a bit unexpected. But their son?  That little psychopath is the scariest one of all.

One hand holds a melting ice cream bar, and the other holds a bloody knife. He gets those crazy eyes from his mom.

“Effing super. It’s a family affair,” Ava whispers as the blade swings towards her.

200 words exactly 

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