Monday, July 2, 2012




Congratulations on your THIRD WIN Rebekah!!! 

From Laura: 
I had a really hard time picking a winner. All the entries were so different, each with such a unique voice. In the end, I think I have to pick Rebekah Postupak's entry. I loved how suspenseful and eerie she managed to go with a cheerful little photograph of berries! I enjoyed the play of light and darkness, and not knowing what happened after she swallowed the berry. Very nice! Thanks for playing!

And thanks to Jessa for running the Flash Factory for us! I look forward to playing again this weekend.

Rebekah's Winning Entry:

She stared fearfully at the six red berries in her palm, wishing something would jar her memory. 

They looked like ordinary raspberries, the kind that would explode in cool sweetness on her tongue if she dared eat them. But no, no, that wouldn’t be safe—there was something was wrong with the berries, wasn’t there? If only she could remember.

Minutes passed. An hour. Two.

Still she sat frozen in nervous terror, the memory of whatever-it-was refusing to swoop in to save her. 

How long could she sit here? The sun was hurtling toward the western horizon, causing the sky to fracture into a thousand jagged shards of orange and red. Darkness slipped into her lap, crept into her hands.

At long last she nudged the shadow-covered berries with a trembling finger. She picked one up and touched it to her lips. What if she was supposed to eat them? Maybe that was the way to remember.

Enough of this. Enough! Whatever the mystery was couldn’t be worse than the torment of indecision.

She clenched her teeth and shoved a single berry in her mouth. Either way, it would be over soon.

And for the first time in her life, she was right.

203 words

Congratulations on THREE wins Rebekah!  

You'll get to pick the three word prompt for next week's challenge (or switch it up with a picture), AND be the judge!  Don't worry - I won't make you answer anymore questions.  ;-) 

BIG thanks to this week's judge, Laura Hughes (Mittens Morgul)!! 


  1. Rebekah PostupakJuly 2, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    Thanks so much!!! This contest is always such fun.