Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 10/14/12 #SixSunday #WIP #EVERTWO!

For today's Six Sentence Sunday, I am giving you a never before seen sneak peek into the next book in The EVER Trilogy: EVER TWO! (Yes, that is the fancy working title. lol) 

Here you go!

I thought back to his question and remembered the timer on the stove, and what it had said the last time I’d glanced at it.
“About thirty-five minutes.”
He stopped laughing, pursed his lips, and looked up to the side as if pondering something in his mind.
A wickedly sexy grin pulled at his mouth.
“Yup,” he nodded to himself, “that should do it!”
He sprinted over to me from the doorway of the kitchen, and before I could even react to what he was doing, he’d flung me over his shoulder and I was flailing like a crazy person in his arms. 


  1. Ooh! New words! Is the him here Frankie? Again, OOH!

  2. I love the action of this this six, Jessa. :)

  3. UUUUGGGGHHH!!! I didn't even realized until I finished the book today that it's a trilogy! :( So, here's what you need to do. Write to me and send me the secret manuscript for the next book. haha. I can't wait! When is it coming out?

    I'm in love with Frankie. He's just...adorable.And I did start watching Vampire Diaries. Now that I've seen Jeremy I agree that he's perfect for Frankie. I think the book would be an awesome movie. I would totally go see it.

    Also, I hate to sound like a gushing fan girl buuuut, I'm going to anyway. haha. I didn't come across your site until you had the Ghostly Blog Hop, at which point your blog hop tour for Ever seems like it was already set. But, I'd LOVE to have you on my blog. I don't suppose you'd be willing to fit in one more teensy-tiny interview? If you are too busy, I totally understand, but I figure it never hurts to ask. :)

    There was something about this book that was just so...sweet. I'm making my daughter read it. She's only a couple chapters in but she's loving it so far!

    1. Hi Tamara! I'm so glad you enjoyed EVER! I hope your daughter does as well!

      I would LOVE to visit your blog for an interview! You tell me when! You can send interview questions to emailjessarusso [at] gmail [dot] com

      Please let me know what your daughter thinks of EVER!

    2. Hi Jessa.

      Yay!! That would be SO awesome. I actually used to run a different blog and I interviewed Lisa McMann and Terra Elan McVoy on that one, but you are my first official author interview for this blog! I'm super excited and I can't think of a better book to start with.

      I thought I'd post your interview on Thurs. the twenty-fifth. That way I can send you the questions by this Thurs. and it will give you almost a full week to get them back to me. As long as you have them back by eleven pm. Wed. night I can have the blog ready to go by Thurs. morning. Does that sound good? Let me know...

      And I'll definitely keep you posted on what Kass (my daughter) thinks of Ever. :)

  4. Fun, playful six! (BTW, I love your blog banner!)