Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 11/4/12 #SixSunday #WIP #DIVIDE

Happy Sunday! 

As this is the first Sunday of November, making it the first Sunday of NanoWrimo, I've decided my Sunday Six will be from my newest work in progress, my nano novel. 

So, for this Six Sentence Sunday, I present to you a snippet of DIVIDE:

The bathroom door opened with a swooshing sound, followed by the loud thumping of heavy footsteps. 
I heard each stall door open – one after the other – with the bang of a fist against the metal door, and a swoosh-clank as the door flew inward and slammed against the toilet paper dispenser. 
One by one, the doors opened as the person made their way to me.
Bang, Swoosh, Clank, Repeat.
When the footsteps stopped, I could see black boots - with flat soles that had to have been a good five inches tall - standing right outside the stall I was in. 
I was squatting, with both feet up on the lid of the toilet seat, so I knew whoever it was couldn't see me, but if the previous nine stall doors slamming open were any indication, I knew what was coming. 


  1. Ooh you chose a great snippet to share! I really want to know what happens next now! :)

  2. I love it! Great Six.I am very interested to now what happens next! Congrats on NaNo and good luck.

  3. Tense six,looking forward to what happens next!

  4. Makes me think of a punk bully in HS! I'm curious to see what happens