Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The #EVER Fan's Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

I've been inspired by this AMAZING gift-giving guide over at Epic Reads. I love some of these books, and the items to match are freaking awesome!

So, to borrow a fantastic idea, I present to you my EVER-related Holiday gift guide!

Do you have a friend that loved Frankie and Toby from EVER, and couldn't decide? Check out this awesome necklace! It has a wing for Toby and glasses for Frankie! Have you chosen which hero you swoon for? You can get the necklace with only one charm to signify which team you've chosen!

Only $12.99 on Etsy from sophie's beads!

Click HERE to purchase

Ever's favorite flower is the black and white anemone - something Toby brought her early on, solidifying her attraction to him! What about this gorgeous fascinator for the EVER fan in your life?
Click HERE to purchase

And, if you haven't read EVER (what are you waiting for??), but you've been wanting to, go ahead and grab a special little gift for yourself! I won't tell! 

Autographed paperbacks are always a great gift idea for any bookworm! Personalized, signed paperback copies of EVER are available at the top of my blog, or by clicking HERE


  1. Finished Ever yesterday and loved it. Hope you find some time over the holidays to up your word count meter so I don't have to wait so long for the sequel. :)

  2. YEAH, JESSA. Up your wordcount! :D:D

    Love youuuuuu

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