Friday, February 15, 2013

Boom! The #EVADE Blog-Hop starts NOW!

If you've been paying attention to my many annoying tweets and Facebook posts, you may know that today marks the beginning of the EVADE blog-hop! Woohoo! I'm so excited! 

Exactly one month ago, I asked my friends and fans if they'd like the chance to be a character in a novel! I then gave them the option of having that novel be one of mine! Squee!  

I've given everyone the chance to create a character for the second installment of The EVER Trilogy, EVADE (Summer 2013, if all goes as planned)! 

For a quick refresher, here's the original blog post. 


Each participant will be posting their character casting details today, with the following specifics:

  • Name 
  • Age (the character can be any age over 13, as I have room for a few different roles, but keep in mind that the trilogy is YA)
  • Gender 
  • Good or bad? Do you want to immortalize someone for being awesome, or call someone out for being a douchecanoe?
***Don't forget to include the linky list in your blog post!***

In the next few days, I will visit all the blogs, and with the help of my two awesome co-judges, (Miss Feaky Snucker aka Tamara Mataya, and Krystal Wade aka Krystal Wade), we will narrow it down to our three top choices!
THEN, on February 20th, I will post a blog post with a voting poll, and you can vote for your favorite character!

Please join in on the fun and hop around to each participant's blog post! Leave a little love, and let them know which character is your favorite! 


  1. Krystal Wade AKA Krystal Wade....*snickers*

  2. Oo I like Ace! And why didn't I think of being Toby's gf...