FOR SALE: signed copies of EVER, EVADE and DIVIDE!

You can now order SIGNED print copies of Jessa Russo's books right here!

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Signed Print Copy of EVER and/or EVADE: $11.99 
Signed Print Copy of DIVIDE: $12.99

+ $5.00 shipping in the US or CANADA. 

(If you are outside the US or CANADA, please use the contact form HERE to order. Shipping fees will change accordingly.) 

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  1. Is this a hardcover book? I loved EVER and usually buy hardcovers for my favorites :D With a 2 year old, paperbacks can get a little... worn!

    1. Hi Kay! Unfortunately, EVER will not be in hardcover at this time. I don't know if/when that will change, but you can be sure I will be screaming it from the rooftops and buying myself a dozen hardcover copies! lol ;-)

    2. :( This saddens me! You must keep me updated? A hardcover book would do your gorgeous cover justice! Plus, hardcover's look so much nicer in a bookshelf... :D

  2. David Caperton just told me about your book and I have to have an autographed copy for my library. Good luck!